Samantha MacGregor

Travel Designer

Born in Vancouver and having spent her entire life on the coast or in the mountains, Sam is a true 'west coaster. 

' Her career in travel began with working at a ski hill, then later as a scuba instructor which led her to a Bachelors of Tourism Management. 

After spending a summer traveling across Canada from Vancouver to Newfoundland in her truck, Sam chose to specialize in Canada so that she can share this incredible country with others. 

What is your favorite Canadian Rail Tour?

Without hesitation, my favorite Canadian rail tour is the Snow Train to the Rockies. There is something so magical about waking up on the train while entering the Rocky Mountains, and sitting on your bed with a fresh cup of coffee while watching the Mountains get bigger and bigger. Once you arrive, the environment is truly spectacular, with fresh snow, varied activities and fewer crowds than summer.

What is your favorite rail tour in Alaska?

My favorite rail tour in Alaska is the Highlights of Kenai Fjords & Denali Backcountry Delights package. This trip showcases the best of the best, with bear viewing, dog sledding, backcountry adventures and Alaska Railroad all included. Plus, you'll have the best opportunities to see the majestic Mount Denali, both from Talkeetna Lodge in the grand entrance and on your day tour in the park. I highly recommend upgrading to the flight out of the park because it gives you access to the north face of the mountain for a better chance of seeing the peak. Ending in Fairbanks, go later in August or early September to see the Northern Lights and fall foliage.

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